Is your home nature, neighbor, and night sky friendly?

The International Dark-Sky Association has developed a program called the The "Dark Sky Friendly Home Lighting Program" where you can certify your home to be dark sky friendly. 

The "Dark Sky Friendly Home Lighting Program" can be completed in four easy steps:

  1. Based on five lighting principles outlined by IDA (see below), evaluate each outdoor light on your property and complete the evaluation portion using a downloadable Home Lighting Inventory Form.
  2. Follow the recommendations given for each step and take action to improve any of your fixtures .
  3. Confirm that your fixtures are dark sky friendly by recording the date that you took any necessary action.
  4. Submit your results via our self-certification form. Then download and display a free Dark Sky Friendly Home certificate!

Visit the IDA website to get started with the "Dark Sky Friendly Home Lighting Program":  Visit IDA website 

While our IDA Missouri chapter is not staffed to visit your home to make the assessment, we can assist you with questions.  Please contact us.



 Co-authors: Ruskin Hartley, Executive Director, IDA Brian Liebel, Director of Standards and Research, IES